Electrician College St, Toronto. Fix dead wall plug problem

Downtown Toronto electrician

Almost comprehensive list of plug problems that College St. electrician in Toronto will fix in one hour or so:

blown fuse
no ground
short circuit
no cover plate
reverse polarity
shaky outlet box
a tripped breaker
fasten wobbly box
missing cover plates
drilling or cutting wall
hot wire to neutral short
hot wire to ground short
reset GFCI, replace GFCI
reset AFCI or replace AFCI
breaker or plug with a button
nail and screw through the wire
outlet lost power after renovation
reset breakers or replace breaker(s)
incorrect wiring or bad workmanship
too many lights & outlets on one circuit
poor connection, open circuit, broken wire
wall socket overload keeps tripping a breaker
wrong connection of wall plug after the switch
splicing, termination or loose connection problem
male plug does not match the female wall receptacle
incorrect Amp size of breakers protecting receptacles
bedroom voltage in condo is out of order, nothing works
three prong or three slot wall plugs on the ungrounded line
College St. electrician in Toronto for condo, store, restaurant
burning, sparking and crackling noise or smoke coming from it
there is humming, hissing, and sizzling sound & smell in the room
move wall plug, relocate socket, add receptacles in office or condo
wall socket problem after DIY work like changing a switch or socket
hard-wired appliance, machine outlets, dryer, electric range receptacles
neutral to ground short will not trip a standard breaker, yet it's dangerous
twist lock type commercial and industrial male plugs and female receptacles

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faulty installation of over the counter split receptacle in the kitchen keeps tripping a breaker, cord plug doesn't match wall socket, appliance's plug doesn't fit the shape of wall outlet, wrong type of the socket electrician in Toronto