Emergency Electrician in Downtown Toronto

Emergency electrician in downtown Toronto troubleshoots and fixes power failures

Power faults and electrical problems repairs in a condo, home or suite

Repairs and emergencies in a store, restaurant, office or building


lost power
blown fuse

burning fire
bad contact

short circuit
loss of power
light stays on
neutral open hot
light is always on
light doesn't work

switch doesn't work
I can not turn light off
dimmer is warm or hot

receptacle circuit is dead
aluminum wire inspection
condo light won't turn out

tripping breaker emergency
Lost power in part of house
breaker switch doesn't work

Emergency electricians in downtown Toronto do NOT:

fix small machines

repair home appliances

Fix systems supplying power to equipment

Repair and replace large equipment and big machines

If this applies to you:

No electricity in a house
No electricity to my fridge
lost power in half of my house
Install ceiling light in living room
There is no ceiling light in living room
Kitchen, basement or bedroom has lost power
Then give us a call

Emergency Electrician in Downtown Toronto (289) 217-9643


 ESA electrical contractor license 7 0 0 9 8 8 1

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