Bay St. Electrician. Emergency Electrician Bay St.

Bay St. Electrician in Downtown Toronto

We fix small electrical problems and do LARGE wiring jobs

home wiring
office renovation
Bay St. Electrician
outlet has no power
condominium breaker
replace switch or plug
house & building wiring
store, mall, plaza rewiring
lost power in half of condo
install lights in condo or store
building emergency electrician
Fast and urgent repair at Bay St.

Queens Quay & Harbourfront Condo Electricians in Downtown Toronto

There is NO charge for coming and giving an estimate for jobs worth $2000 or more

I charge a service call fee and hourly rate for small repairs and for all troubleshooting jobs

If, for example, several wall plugs have lost electricity and/or some lights have stopped working, I will ask a few questions over the phone. If you were able to answer those questions, I would know how to fix the problem right after speaking with you over the phone. I will come with all necessary parts and materials in the truck. And in 80% of cases I will eliminate the fault within 10 to 40 minutes upon arrival (experience matters!).

Yet, I would spend a total from two to four hours of my time doing a 20 minute long job. Why? Because I need to get there, do the job, and then drive back.

The rest 20% of electrical problems occur when the cause is inside the walls and ceiling. A broken conductor, illegal splicing or connection inside the wall could take a few hours to locate and fix. A nail or a screw driven through the wire 10 years ago that eventually burned out today could be another cause of the failure.

After some initial testing I would give an estimate or suggest to fix it based on an hourly rate basis, before starting the job. Fixing such faults takes more time and in most cases requires wall cutting and hole making.

Customer must pay the service call fee no matter what. The service call fee must be paid even if you rejected my estimate on fixing the bigger problem. I am able to fix any and all problems but only if you agreed to pay me for the work.